New Year’s Resolution: Start a Fitness Equipment Protection Plan

The Gym Saving Benefits of a Fitness Equipment Protection Plan

There’s no telling what can happen when members get into their exercise routines. A fitness equipment protection plan can be a business lifesaver. Here’s how.

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New Year, new you. 

Now is the time that people flood gyms in order to start their New Year’s resolutions of getting into shape and getting the most out of their body. As a gym owner, you can provide that gift to people. 

It’s important that you take the time to protect your business so that you can offer the best experience possible to gym-goers. A fitness equipment protection plan is the ideal way to look after your workout machines. 

This warranty lets you get repairs, replacements and insurance protections for your exercise equipment in a way that counts. Use these tips to learn more about these equipment protection plans and how it can help your business. 

1. A Fitness Equipment Protection Plan Repairs and Maintains Your Most Dangerous Machines

Getting a protection plan for your exercise equipment allows you to keep even your most dangerous pieces of equipment repaired. 

Injury is always a risk at the gym since people are lifting heavy weights and dealing with serious resistance. In fact, did you know that thousands of people each and every year take a trip to the emergency room due to injuries they sustain on a treadmill?

Since people are putting their full body weight into these machines and essentially trusting their lives and safety to them, you need to do your due diligence by making sure they are always repaired and in tip-top shape. 

Having access to a fitness equipment protection plan will allow you to accomplish this. 

2. Your Trainers Can Teach People on Top of the Line Equipment

The trainers and staff that you employ are the bread and butter of your gym. 

When they know that they are teaching people on machines that are professionally maintained, they’ll have a sense of pride in their work. This way, your customers will also know that they are cared for.  

This allows you to get more signups and provides people with the recognition that they are in good hands. 

3. You Will Be Protected From Potential Lawsuits

Since injury potential is so prevalent, you’ll need a protection plan that keeps you safe from lawsuits.  

The potential for litigation is part of doing business, but it is important that you mitigate these issues to the best of your ability. Taking the time to buy a warranty allows you to always be in the driver’s seat and a few steps ahead of these situations.

4. Caring For Your Equipment is Great For Your Brand

You’ve been to great gyms, and you’ve been to horrible gyms. 

Gyms are similar to restaurants, in that when the service and environment are poor, word travels fast. 

While there are plenty of ways to market, the true foundation of your brand is great service and diligence over your equipment. When you protect your equipment in this manner, you’ll have the chance to always stand by your brand and show that you take pride in the gym. 

Having ownership over the way you do business allows you to stand by your company to the fullest. 

5. The Equipment Plan Protects Your Gym’s Bottom Line

It’s important that you also put together an equipment plan that lets you protect your finances. 

Getting hit with unexpected repairs is not only expensive, but you can also lose business when you always have broken down machinery. Having an equipment plan gets out in front of that, which protects your bottom line in the process. 

It allows you to thrive financially and increase your revenue. 

6. You’ll Get More Longevity Out of Your Exercise Equipment

By staying ahead of the game with your exercise equipment protection, you will also enjoy longevity. 

When you make the investment into a new weight rack or exercise machine, you are doing so with the hope that it lasts for years and provides for your customers. This gives you much greater ROI and prevents you from having to plunge money into new machines prematurely. 

You always need to protect your equipment so that it’s durable, and having this protection plan in place is an excellent idea.  

7. Your Customers Will Get the Most From Their Gym Membership

Aside from protecting your own investments, you need to be concerned about your most important investment — your customers. 

Since they are taking the time to buy memberships, you need to make sure they get the most bang for their buck. This way, once the renewal period rolls around, it’s an absolute no-brainer. 

Doing so will prompt your customers to spread the word to other people looking to sign up.

Since people are starting their new year off with serious fitness goals in mind, it’s up to you to provide them with equipment that they can depend on. Having a great protection plan is not only a great first step — it’s a necessary step.  

Search For the Best Fitness Equipment Protection Plan

Once you know the perks of a fitness equipment protection plan, it only makes sense to get them for all of your machinery. 

By taking the time to protect your gym equipment, you are being a good business owner and will be better able to run your company. The benefit to you is that there are lots of equipment protection plans available that you can purchase for your needs.  

When you want to take your gym seriously, use these tips to get the protection plan that you need. Reach out to us to learn more about our company and how we can help.