That Sounds Awesome: The High Notes of Having Headphones Warranty

That Sounds Awesome: The High Notes of Having Headphones Warranty

Serious headphones for audiophiles cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars! Here is why you should consider headphones warranty policies.

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Are you about to purchase your next pair of headphones?

Headphone technology has changed dramatically in the last few years. It’s now possible for every consumer to have a high-quality sound experience on the go — and often without breaking the bank!

If you’ve invested in some high-end headphones, however, you should consider a headphones warranty policy.

This is especially the case if you have shelled out hundreds or even thousands for those phones.

Keep reading to learn all about the high notes of having a headphones warranty plan!

1. Most Manufacturers Offer Limited Warranties

Most industry headphones come with some sort of basic manufacturer warranty. In most cases, though, manufacturers offer limited warranty plans.

What is a limited warranty plan?

Basically, these policies cover any damage your headphones may sustain that is related to their actual manufacturing process.

For example, your headphones may suddenly stop working due to a mechanical issue (such as the manufacturer’s error). In these instances, you’ll likely be able to replace your headphones for free. 

However, these limited warranty plans don’t cover damage as the result of physical abuse. So, if you end up dropping your headphones into a swimming pool, the manufacturer won’t replace your soaking wet earbuds!

Limited warranties may also not be lifetime warranties. You may only have this coverage for the first year of use. 

It’s wise to invest in your own headphones warranty policy if your current headphones only have a limited coverage plan. If you’re unsure whether or not they have coverage, consult the manufacturer.

2. On the Go Means On the Go

Let’s face it. Headphones exist so that we can take our music with us.

Unfortunately, this means that your headphones are at risk for physical damage, even if you keep them in a protective case.

It can be all too easy for your gear to sustain scratches and wear. In some cases, scratches may not hinder its performance.

But damage to your phones’ cordage or earpieces themselves can be fatal. Have you ever almost spilled a beverage on a technological device?

It’s every laptop owner’s worst nightmare!

What’s more, without a policy, you’ll have to pay for another pair of headphones without any reimbursement.

If you usually travel with your headphones, don’t risk damage. Invest in a warranty plan to ensure that you’ll always have your pristine sound with you.

More importantly, invest in an accidental damage extended warranty plan. These may guarantee coverage for any accidental drops or liquid exposure (within certain parameters).

3. Protect Your Investment

Headphones are available at a wide range of prices. Some sets can cost upwards of $5,000.

Specialty headphones for musicians could require shelling out a serious $18,000!

If you’ve made a serious financial investment with your headphones, it’s vital to protect that investment.

After all, this is why extended warranties exist for all kinds of valuable possessions, including computers, phones, vehicles, jewelry, and even homes.

Policies are available to individuals because these items are often high-ticket, and it’s important to eliminate financial risk.

4. Warranty Plans Are Cost-Effective

Yet, even these high-ticket items don’t require an arm and a leg to warranty.

Most warranty policies are quite affordable, costing headphone owners only a fraction of what they paid for their item. Prices will vary depending on the length of the coverage and the value of the item itself.

Nonetheless, think about it this way.

Would you rather dish out $3,000 for a new set of headphones or a couple hundred to protect your device from future damage?

It’s no secret that warranty plans are designed to save you money in the long run.

Are you skeptical? Chat with us now to find out how much your headphones warranty plan will cost you through CPS central.

5. Opt for Extended Warranty Policies

Extended warranty policies are designed to “extend” the coverage of any warranty provided by a manufacturer.

In some cases, these contracts can exist for a lifetime.

This is especially vital if you want to protect your headphones for the duration of their lifespan. In general, high-quality headphones are designed to last at least 10 years.

Remember that most manufacturers issues standard, limited warranties for at least a year after purchase date. 

If you plan on keeping your headphones for a decade, an extended warranty policy is a must.

6. Repairs Are More Expensive

In most cases, repairing your damaged headphones can be costly. Sometimes, it may just make more sense to buy a whole new pair. 

Repairs can also be time-consuming. It can be difficult to find a repair shop that services your specific device. 

You may find yourself unable to repair specific damage if you’re not located in close proximity to a licensed repair shop.

This is where warranty policies can save you. Most plans allow customers to file specific claims for damage and send their headphones to the company’s own repair center.

7. Refurbished? No Worries

Many refurbished devices don’t come with warranty policies. If you’ve bought one, you may be worried about how to effectively protect it.

When it comes to purchasing your own headphones warranty policy, refurbished devices are still eligible for coverage. 

This means that you can buy refurbished headphones at a fraction of their original cost — and you can protect these for just a few more pennies. 

The Benefits of a Headphones Warranty Policy

If you’ve recently purchased a pair of snazzy headphones, it’s time to think seriously about insuring them. Doing so can extend the often limited coverage the manufacturer provides on standard headphones.

A headphones warranty can also protect your device against certain kinds of accidental damage. This is vital if you take your headphones constantly on-the-go.

Lastly, warranty plans can save you valuable time and money. Don’t waste your time taking your damaged headphones to a repair shop.

CPS Central offers all headphones users a cost-effective means of insuring their devices. Have more questions? We have answers