No Pudding for You, Kid! Kraft and Intel Team-up to Create an Adult-Only Pudding Dispenser

Is it all just a “Kruel” joke for children – or a good deed in the form of a much needed, delicious treat that many adults these days could really use? Kraft has partnered with Intel to create an iSample vending machine that dispenses free pudding to grown-ups – and grown-ups ONLY. The vending machine utilizes face and recognition technology – an optical sensor – fitted on the top of the machine. The computer processor performs calculations by first taking a facial scan. It then determins your pudding-worthiness after sifting through biometric information such as the distant between facial features like your eyes, nose and mouth. The device is also able to detect a consumer’s sex – as well as place him or her in one of four age brackets to control who – and who doesn’t – get the pudding.

Make the cut and grab a spoon – but don’t make the cut, and be presented with a clear denial-of-access accompanied by a snarky message:

Call it what you will – publicity stunt, experiment, or a creative way for Kraft to study who is buying its products – I call it downright AWESOME.

Intel has emphasized that the device does not take any pictures or video footage of shoppers, so consumers can feel safeguarded from hackers or employees who may tinker with their identity.

Kraft Foods, the country’s largest foodmaker, is obviously not the only food company that dishes out mega bucks and energy on product sampling – it is a substantially effective (albeit really costly) marketing tool. In regards to the pudding kiosk development, Ed Kaczmarek, Kraft’s director of innovation and consumer experiences, stated to USA Today, “It has a big gee-whiz factor – this is intelligent marketing. We’re making certain we get the right sample to the right consumer.” In this case, the right sample is Kraft’s sexy line of mousse-like puddings called Temptations by Jell-O, and the right consumer is…well, old.

To the BBC not long ago Kaczmarek noted, “Our ultimate goal is to bring value to both our retailers and our brands by better understanding consumer engagement with our products. We can do so much more with the iSample program. Tied to specific marketing campaigns, we can customize the experience in order to reach out to consumers more efficiently.”

The pudding device is the first vending machine of its kind that Intel has developed – however the technology that the company utilized to create it – audience impression metric (AIM) – is a software that Intel has provided for other major retailers. AIM allowed Adidas to create a massive video, interactive touchwall called adiVerse that displays shoes to consumers, lets them sift through styles, and be matched with kicks in a jif, depending on the sex of the shopper:

Legendary motorcycle company Harley Davidson created a digital sign in Canada to determine when female shoppers entered their store – to track down the best times to target the girls, since motorcycle sales by women are on-the-rise lately.

In regards to the pudding dispenser, the development is still developing. Intel is working on expanding the vending device’s capabilities to measure more than just a person’s age – the company hopes to enable the machine to further detect whether a person is smiling or not, after they’ve indulged in the pudding pro bono.

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