A Look Beneath the Surface, Microsoft’s Newest Creation

Just last week, there was a mysterious announcement made in Los Angeles, California regarding a cryptic little launch called the “Surface”. The new device offers an all-around mobile system graced with the versatility of acting both as a Windows 8-based tablets and an Ultrabook, too.

t h e   l o o k.

On the “Surface”, you will find a 10.6-inch Gorilla Glass display as well as a vapor-deposited magnesium chassis, the first of its kind, and described by Microsoft as being “rigid” yet “light” and “natural in the hands”.

The tablet doesn’t look a whole lot different than the average tabby, it does take an impressive stab at standing out from the rest of them – for instance, the Surface has a seamlessly integrated kickstand which allows users to position the device upright on a desk or table without an additional accessory.

Furthermore, the machine will be offered with two cover options (which are the devices laptop “alter ego” – the 3mm wide “Touch Cover”, which has a multitouch keyboard and a trackpad, and the 5mm “Type Cover:, which has a tactile keyboard, a complete touchpad and clickable buttons Each cover magnetically adhere to the Surface.

t h e   p o w e r.

The Surface will be available in two different varieties: the Intel Windows 8 Pro and the ARM (Windows 8 RT) version. Windows 8 Pro will run a Core i5 Ivy Bridge processor and the 8 RT will run an ARM-based Nvidia chip.

t h e   p e n.

Microsoft goes the extra mile with the Surface by including pen support to the new device. (You can use the included pen, or your finger – the device has two digitizers that can determine which you are using). The stylus, like the covers, also attached to the device magnetically.

t h e   l a u n c h.

It is presumed that the Windows RT models will be available for purchase this October (which should coincide with the unleashing of Windows 8). The Intel-bearing Pro should hit shelves about 3 months after that.
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