Nowadays, it’s more important than ever to safeguard your information. As tech devices and services become more sophisticated, they unfortunately become more vulnerable to security breaches. Still, a lot of people are not taking the issue seriously – and reports even show that entire corporations are not participating in some of the simplest cautionary actions like changing passwords every 90 days. Lucky for security slackers, however, there are a few password management apps out there that will act as your very-own virtual bouncer, if you will. Here are four suggestions for helping you safeguard your data:
1. eWallet: For your desktop or your laptop, this service provides you with a 256-bit encryption, and allows you to customize your login credential fields with credit-card style backgrounds. You can even sync eWallet across several devices, making it easier than ever to ensure you are protected from every platform.
2. LastPass: Tired of having to remember a different password for every little action you take on the internet? Fear not – Lastpass requires that you create and remember one master password only: the one needed to login to the security service. Thereafter, the app brilliantly and automatically inputs your information depending on the sites that you visit.
3. Kaspersky Password Manager: This app is masterful at spawning random passwords which are specifically generated to deter hackers and keyloggers and provided multi-layered defense against the intruders.
4. RoboForm: With this password manager, users don’t even have to type in their login info: with just a click on a toolbar icon, the program robotically logs you in and fills out sensitive data like credit card information for you. The best part is, RoboForm is a free download.
There’s actually a slew of safeguarding services on the market today, each offering a different level of security as well as degree of automated activity. It’s always better to be safe than sorry – so look into purchasing or downloading a password management assistant today.