Which Ultrabooks Promise the Most Outré Flair in 2012

There are a several Ultrabooks on the horizon – and watch out, Macbook Air, because this revolutionary surge of laptops just might be the tech-tsunami powerful enough to blow you outta the water! Specifically, there is a handful of notable lap-books most likely to take the cake, and here’s a rundown of the concepts that have the ears of experts’ perking right up.
The Acer S5 is one the Air should certainly be afraid of. At a svelte 13.3 inches, the Ultrabook flairs panache fit for the cyber-catwalk with a jet-black magnesium alloy cover – and to boot, the book’s got a Thunderbolt port, which just might be its spotlight-feature, especially since it is accessed via a motor-powered cover in the back that drops down a la the bat-mobile.
Dell’s in the race to deface the Macbook, too, with its first attempt at the Ultrabook, the XPS 13. This aluminum and fiber-clad book is a scant 6mm and features a Core i5 CPU, 128GB SSD and 4GB RAM…not too shabby, especially for the low price. For an added aesthetic as well as convenience, the laptop sports a backlit keyboard.
Another device that experts are going gaga over is the Series 9, by Samsung. This laptop is actually the reincarnation of the same model, which Samsung refurbished after analyzing reams of customer feedback and tossing the “I don’t likes” such as soft-touch, cushy features and replacing them with “ooh” and “ahh”-provoking features like a sleeker, slimmer design.
The IdeaPad Yoga by Lenovo is instigating chatter in the cyber marketplace as well. True to its name, the Yoga has contortionist properties – measuring 17 mm wide and featuring a 1600 X 900 IPS multi-touch screen, the gadget can be used as a laptop, tablet or tablet-with-a-kickstand for watching video.