Samsung Will Unveil New Line of Televisions

Hoping to keep pace with many of its competitors, the Samsung company will be unveiling a new lineup with its F9000 series of high definition televisions. They will be featured in 55-inch and 65-inch models, which may cost a fair amount of money at retail. But the television giant is expecting that many of its new features will offset the sticker shock that some of their customers may experience. The company is hoping that these units will catch on and become popular items by the time the Christmas shopping season rolls around.

UHD Series

samsung tv
Samsung F9000 UHD TV

The company had already released a new television series earlier this year, which proved to be very popular. Their UHD series sold out at many stores and has won awards from electronics review magazines. The company is hoping to ride this wave of success by unveiling this new set of high definition televisions over the course of this year. The company has stated that these initiatives are part of a larger effort to do nothing less than revolutionize the way that televisions are used in the United States.

One new aspect that will be included in these televisions is that they will contain software designed by Samsung. This software is intended to enhance the user’s experience. Though this has received mixed reviews, it has changed the way that many manufacturers are looking at developing future models of their televisions. No one had really thought of televisions as being capable of handling large software loads the way that computers do already.

Your Fav Shows Faster

But Samsung is plugging along with this development. They plan to unveil a software package featuring the Samsung Smart TV. The main idea of this innovation is to help users search less often for channels that they want to spend more time watching. It can assist users with finding the television shows they love. It can also create a favorites list that will catalog the genres of shows that they like to watch. In some ways, this is akin to what many internet streaming sites like Youtube have been doing with their user base in recent years.

If you are planning on purchasing one of these televisions, you may want to find out how to get an easy to use repair guide for it. To do this, simply download a Samsung repair manual from This site is very user friendly and contains a catalog of information that helps repair televisions of all different kinds.

The new F9000 series of Samsung televisions are expected to be some of the most technologically advanced sets released to date. They will be encased in a stylish black case that apparently looks very clean and modern. This design will help set the new series apart from its competition, since it clearly looks far more advanced than any other television system released yet.

If you are planning on buying a high definition television set, you may want to look in to what Samsung has to offer. This release could prove to be a major technological breakthrough for high definition televisions.