The Best Financial Apps for Staying Organized

There are many financial apps that can help you to keep your affairs in order even while being on your cell phone. Some say that the global recession is officially over, and keeping track of your money is more important than ever. So what are the best financial apps for your smart phone? Here are a few:


Mint finance app
Mint is great for tracking your finances

It is no wonder Mint makes the list as one of the top, free financial apps. Their website has a dedicated following and has for years.

Now, the newly introduced financial app is allowing people to keep track of all the important things. First, you want to know when a bill is due and when and if charges hit your checking that are fee related.

This service alerts you to all kinds of money matters and it is completely free. If you have a cable bill that is past due, they will send you reminders until it is paid.

While it takes a few minutes to set everything up, it is well worth the time and effort. Both Android and IOS users can use this app.


Manilla app
Manilla helps you keep track of your short term loans and all your expense accounts

Manilla is another free app that many people love. If you have several bank accounts and credit cards this service should be on your phone.

It helps you to manage several accounts and also sends notices when things are due. If a credit card company puts a late fee to your account, they will notify you.

They allow you to consolidate all your bills under one password and you can pay them online or just check balances. It is a fascinating service. This can also help you keep track of all your short term loans with ease. This service is also for the Android and IOS users.


expensify app
Need to keep track of those taxi cab receipts? Put them in expensify.

The weary traveler will love what Expensify has to offer. If you are one of those people who have a hard time keeping track of mileage, receipts for business trips and other business related matters, this is for you.

You can scan recipes into this app and they will keep everything in one place.

When the IRS wants your yearly tax return, you can not only be ready, but you can get the maximum deduction thanks to this planning ap.

This app allows more platforms like, Android, IOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry.


Anybody who’s anybody has a PayPal account. This account allows people to make electronic transactions with ease. PayPal has its own credit card and debit card. Some employers now deposit paychecks right into a PayPal account. While it started out as a way to pay for purchases on eBay, it has quickly gained popularity. Those who want to avoid having a checking account, yet need to make online transaction will love this site.

Their app is certainly one of the more popular ones. The great thing about using a PayPal debit card, you earn cash back for every transaction. If you have your paychecks and other things deposited into this account, they will pay you to use it. While it may not keep track of short term loans, it is an amazing service.

There are many apps out there and finding the right one may be difficult. However; keep in mind that there are so many that are free, there is never a reason to pay for any apps.