The Sony 3D LED TV

The Sony Bravia KDL-46EX720 is a 3D LED television model that brings top-notch 2D and 3D viewing to the living room. Built on Sony’s cutting-edge Motion Flow technology, this LED TV offers astonishing features that takes home entertainment to a whole new dimension.

Vivid Picture Quality

The Sony KDL-46EX720 is a flat panel 3D TV with a glossy black design and full 1080p HD outputs. Picture quality is vivid and sharp and the depth of three-dimensional viewing can be fully experienced with the 3D Active Glasses which is at this time not included with the package.

The Motionflow XR 240 engineering helps enhances image clarity by reducing the blur caused by camera movement in sports telecasts or action movies. In addition, enhanced HDTV settings allow viewers to manually adjust color outputs or select one of the pre-programmed enhancement modes to suit picture characteristics and clarity.

LightSensor Technology

Sony Bravia, Slim 3D TV
Sony Bravia, Slim 3D TV

This LED TV uses LightSensor technology that adjusts the color settings to suit the spatial dimensions and viewing distance in your home. This 3D model also brings a power-saving motion sensor that automatically shuts the TV down if no movement is detected over a specified duration.

The KDL 3D TV also offers a wide range of connectivity options including a complete browser offering access to a range of Web apps.

The in-built DLNA compatibility and the USB inputs and HDMI ports make sharing of movies, music and videos over any local network. Other user-focused features include sleep timers as well as parental control and channel programming options.

Slim & Sleek

While most 3D HDTV models tend to be super expensive with an array of features continuing to push up retail prices, the Sony surprises consumers by coming up with a slim design 46-inch model that is not only 3D-compatible but also comes with LED backlighting, with GreenTech approval and Energy Star compliance to bear testimony to its energy efficient design.

Given its performance stats and affordable price tag, this Sony Bravia model is bound to find its niche in the competitive HDTV arena. To get an even more convenient experience with your Bravia, you can buy a sony remote that can control not only your Bravia but other Sony devices in your home.

The Sony Bravia is sure to bring a whole new dimension to your home entertainment experience, with it’s 3D imaging, great sound quality and vivid picture. For a reasonable price it is definitely worth an upgrade to your current entertainment setup if you are in the market for an upgrade.