Squaretrade Alternative

A True Squaretrade Alternative

When it comes to warranty providers, there are industry standards, and then there are the companies that break through those standards, offering even wider and more affordable coverage as well as customer service that simply can’t be beat. Consumer Priority Service is one of those companies. More than just a Squaretrade alternative, we are the alternative for the ultimate experience when it comes to protecting your electronics and keeping them around for a very long time.

Purchasing a warranty from Consumer Priority Service translates into deep coverage of your products, lots of money saved, exceptional customer service, and sanity of mind. Our lives are hectic enough – why should we have to worry about our most important tech devices and appliances breaking down just when we need them most? We shouldn’t.

At CPS, the process of securing a warranty is seamless, because you can do it all online. From selecting the perfect warranty, to checking up on the status of your claims, to updating your warranty – you can do it all from the comfort of your own desk. In fact, in the event of a repair or replacement, we make it our business to come to you – leaving you with little to do but sit back and let CPS take care of everything.

One of the things that makes Consumer Priority Service such a great Squaretrade alternative, as well as an alternative to other warranty providers is that we value having a close connection with our clientele. That’s why we keep our website consistently plastered with the latest news about all things tech related all over the world. From online user manuals, to how-to guides for the most revolutionary products on the market, to important recall notifications – you can trust that we are always on top of what’s going on around the world.

In terms of actual coverage, you can rest assured that we offer way more than the typical manufacturer guarantees. That translates into longer terms of coverage, repair or replacement for a multitude of mishaps like bumps, dents and mechanical breakdowns – and we even offer in-home repair. It doesn’t get much better than that!

From your high-end devices like televisions and desktops to lower-ticketed items like accessories, you’ll find warranties for all of your favorite gadgets here at CPS.