Consumer Priority Service Reviews McAfee Mobile Security

While most PC users will willingly invest in Antivirus software, a number of technology giants also offer programs to help protect your smartphone. The McAfee Mobile Security is a software application targeting smartphone users and offers antivirus and antitheft feature support for most mobile OS systems including Android, Windows, Symbian and Blackberry OS.

Given the brand name, McAfee offers impressive antivirus protection with the Mobile Security software. The in-built scanning features are comprehensive with complete scan schedule set-up as well as random checks on incoming threats. This means that depending on the OS platform your phone works on, this security system will also check email and MMS messages to ensure newer threats do not sabotage the device. In addition to the regular quarantine and file repair features that most PC antivirus programs offer, the Mobile Security can also scan phone apps and individual files or folders.

While most features are available across platforms, Android and Blackberry users do face some feature limitations. For instance, while Mobile Security supports end-to-end antivirus protection in Windows and Symbian phones, the Android and Blackberry versions may not be able to repair or quarantine malicious agents and may have the sole option of deletion. However, Android users can still enjoy additional features such as the SiteAdvisor which color codes search results on chosen keywords to indicate potentially risky links and phishing sites, thus protecting Android phones from unexpected online threats.

Targeting business owners as well as professionals, this application proves to be very useful even in the event of phone theft. In line with comparable tracking applications, the McAfee Mobile Security allows users access to an online portal for quick and easy GPS location of the lost phone making recovery more than just a possibility. In addition to geo-location, owners can send coded text messages to the stolen device to activate an alarm, or lock out the phone from unauthorized SIM card change. Users even have the option to authorize a complete wipe-out of confidential data stored in the phone memory to help avert loss of sensitive information.

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