Staying ShipShape in a Virtual World

It’s time for couch potatoes to get up, get out, and get in shape! Luckily for loafers, there is a new breed of tech gadgets that are turning fitness into something fun. Specifically, new products from Motorola, Fitbit and Jawbone are helping to lure lollygaggers into exercising and keep them motivated.
Fitbit’s bit in the exercise gadget game is the new Ultra, a pedometer that keeps track of every hop, skip, and jump via a built-in accelerometer. Runners and walkers alike can then sync the data from the device on Fitbit’s web page and have their steps analyzed, compare their progress with their Fitbit buddies, and keep track of day-to-day fitness goals. Likewise, Ultra owners can utilize its stair-tracking feature, stopwatch and clock – as well as an enhanced iOS App for charting workout and meal schedules. As an added confidence-booster, the Fitbit mimics the motivational zeal of a personal trainer by rewarding users with software badges – the likes of which you would earn on Foursquare.
Jawbone’s entered the race, too, with a radical wristband that works alongside an iOS App to help exercisers keep track of steps taken, calories burned – and the e-bracelet even vibrates to alert users that have been inactive for too long!
Motorola touts a wearable gadget, too – but this one, the Motoactv is way more developed. With a built-in GPS and Motorola’s innovative AccuSense, which gauges progress precisely, the watch practically mimics a smartphone. It also features an intelligent music player that lets you know which tunes you work-out best too, as well as Bluetooth for syncing with health peripherals like heart-rate monitors. Similar to the Fitbit feature, Motoactv allows users to employ their website for getting the skinny on exercise stats and progress.
Excuses are dwindling for slackers to keep on slacking – and thanks to the super tech world, people who have long-dreaded the idea of exercising may finally get to experience fitness as an enjoyable activity.