Steve Jobs Death Came Too Soon

With yesterday’s news of Steve Jobs death, many around the world have paid homage and tribute to the man who changed their lives in more ways than one. It’s not too often that the world sees a visionary like Steve Jobs; someone who achieved and exceeded all of the goals he set for himself and drove the world down the information highway. From the infant stages of Apple to its glorious celebrity, Steve Jobs has been there almost every step of the way with a guiding hand to foster the company into the mega digital giant that it has become.

Many would agree that Jobs’ death came too soon. For a man only in his mid 50s, he surely had an arsenal of newer innovations and inventions bouncing around in his iNoggin. Jobs truly encompassed the idea of the American entrepreneurial spirit, by rising out of his earlier tribulations and putting himself at the forefront of the information age. For the most part, Jobs is responsible for the way we exchange information on a daily basis and we would surely not be where we are today without him.

Being that our business is to provide warranties for many products such as our iPhone warranty, our business is tied intimately to the man who lead us on a path to a better way and gave us the gift of information and insight. We would like to thank Steve Jobs for what he gave to the world – not only cutting edge products and life improving technology, but also the inspiration to show that the American spirit to create and innovate will always be there for those who are willing to ride the wave.

His bravery and courage to traverse the spectrum, both literally and figuratively, puts him on the map as one of the greatest innovators and inventors of our time. His memory will be placed with some of the greatest inventors the world has known like Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, Henry Ford and Leonardo Da Vinci. Thank you Mr. Jobs for what you gave us and we hope to continue to ride the wave that you created.