The New World of GTA 5

Since GTA 5 has hit the store shelves it has been all the buzz. It seems like people everywhere are holding this newest edition to Rock stars lineup, in very high regards. Most are calling it the best game ever, so it stands to reason that people are trying to find all the cool Easter eggs and cheats for GTA 5.

If someone was to try and compile a list of all the cool things GTA 5 has over the others, it would likely be impossible to complete, the game just has too many. However, a few folks have tried and the lists they’ve put together are quite extensive. While there are a good amount of cheats, it’s believed that most of the codes haven’t been released just yet. Like its predecessor, GTA 5 is likely to be coming out with cheats long after its first year.

A New Experience

Playing GTA 5 is a very different experience from most of the other popular games that compete with it. GTA 5 is a new world, full of wild eccentricities that keep the game both fun, and realistic. The game is so realistic in fact, that players can literally create a whole new experience aside from that of the missions that GTA 5 provides.

This is not new to the GTA franchise, however GTA 5 provides so many real to life occurrences that it is difficult to say any of the previous GTA’s even come close. For example, while driving your character through a tunnel in the game, it is impossible to get service on his cell phone. It’s those little occurrences that set GTA 5 apart from any other game on the market right now.

The RockStar Company has always strived for this sort of realistic in-game behavior from its GTA franchise, but they’ve truly outdone themselves this time. The cheats are for GTA are almost as important as the environment, and story lines themselves. The codes have been ingrained with the franchise, and fans have come to expect them.

Public Reception

Other than that, there has been nothing but applause for the game, even before it was released. Some were worried about the praise the game was getting before its release. They were concerned about GTA 5’s ability to live up to the high expectations set by the fans. There are very common references throughout GTA 5, of past games and previous characters.

If there was ever any doubt that the new GTA wouldn’t live up to its name, the nostalgia alone would have carried it through. Aside from the lack of cheats for GTA 5, everything else has been more than what was expected. This new world of GTA 5 is often dangerous, unpredictable and sometimes offensive.

The genius of GTA 5 is that no matter how you choose to play the game, you’ll always find something new. It’s been called a masterpiece by popular critics, and most seem to agree with that.