School’s Internet Not Fast Enough for Students Laptops

spacer.gifIn this modern age, many students are being given opportunities that earlier generations were not able to have. Some schools are giving each student a laptop or tablet to use. These are tools that allow for students to thrive in this new age of technology. Without access to these devices, students can fall behind the technology curve, and miss out on skills that would help them to excel in many different fields later on in life. This early introduction to these types of technologies allows for students to be able to master the skills that they need to excel in this new world of technology.

The Problem in Our Schools

There is a problem in our school systems though. There is not enough bandwidth for students to utilize their online learning in school settings. In many rural schools, the internet is so slow, that even with these new implemented technologies, teachers are abandoning their online learning curriculum.

It is nearly impossible in some schools for children in a classroom to simultaneously stream videos off of video sharing sites.

This creates a massive problem for teachers who are trying to create learning programs based off of online resources. There are few things that can be done online anymore that do not take up big amounts of bandwidth.

Even though these students have their laptops at school, it makes it difficult when there is not the proper internet speeds for schools to use. President Obama realized that this is a problem. He has stated that where there is wifi for free with your coffee, why shouldn’t there be wifi free in schools.

There have been initiative put in place to help schools find better internet services. There are discounts given to school who are looking for internet service. It isn’t fair that students should have laptops at school and not be able to do anything with them. There are various online schools that offer laptops to their students ( as a means to encourage new signups.

Cutting the Red Tape

This problem is very big in rural communities. Government organizations have come together to offer incentives to large service providers for offering quick internet for these rural communities. The problem with these rural communities lies within the profits.

These large service providers do not want to spend all of the money needed to implement fast internet, when there won’t be enough customers to cover the costs of all the expensive materials and construction.

This leaves schools in the area behind the curve with internet that is slow enough to truly hinder progress.

There needs to be an agreement with local government and service providers. Certain agreements need to be sought out, so as there is a win win situation for both the school districts and the service providers. Students, even in the most rural of communities, deserve to have access to the materials that will put them ahead in the world.

Being on the cutting edge of technology in this day and age is crucial. There are so many opportunities that these children may miss out on if this issue is not properly addressed by those who can make changes.