Top 10 Things To Consider If A Furniture Protection Plan Is Worth It Or Not

Top 10 Things To Consider If A Furniture Protection Plan Is Worth It

Deciding on wether to get a furniture protection plan can be a difficult choice. We unveil 10 things to consider if a furniture protection plan is worth it.

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Most homeowners need more furniture than they think. And buying all those couches, beds, tables, desks, etc. can add up fast. 

It makes sense that you’d want to protect that investment. 

But is a furniture protection plan worth it? 

The answer to that question depends. We’ve put together a quick guide to help you learn more about these protection plans and what you should consider before buying one. 

So keep reading below. 

What Is a Furniture Protection Plan?

A furniture protection plan is like getting an insurance policy on your furniture. If something happens to your furniture, you can file a claim and receive compensation to repair the damage. 

In other words, a furniture protection plan ensures your furniture stays in good condition for years to come. 

Here’s a quick look at what it covers and how it works. 

What Does It Cover?

Furniture protection plans will repair damages and clean hard-to-remove stains. 

Some of the stains your protection plan should cover including the following: 

  • Ink
  • Beverage (like wine and coffee)
  • Food (like sauces or sticky syrups) 
  • Cosmetics (like nail polish, makeup, etc.) 
  • Pet urine 
  • Water rings 
  • Other household stains 

Here’s a list of other damages your protection plan can take care of:

  • Burns and heat marks 
  • Punctures 
  • Rips, tears, and cuts 
  • Scratches 
  • Warped frame
  • broken springs 
  • Other mechanical problems 

Some of these problems are difficult to correct on your own. Investing in a furniture protection plan can give you peace of mind that you won’t have to live with destroyed furniture. 

How Does It Work?

If you accidentally spill a glass of wine on your couch, notice a new pet scratch in the leather, or cause any other accidental damage, you can file a claim with your furniture protection plan. 

Be prepared to take pictures of the damage. It might be helpful to also have a few pictures of what your furniture looked like new. This will allow you to get the best compensation for the damage. 

The exact process of filing a furniture protection plan can vary on the company you buy it from. So make sure you understand the details before you buy it. 

Is It the Same Thing as a Warranty?

In short, no. 

Warranties cover issues with the furniture that are the fault of the manufacturer. These types of problems usually have something to do with the quality of materials, the design, or the workmanship. 

You don’t have anything to do with these problems—accidental or otherwise. 

Furniture protection plans cover damages you, your children, or your pets accidentally cause. When you file a claim, the manufacturer doesn’t handle the repair. Instead, a furniture technician fixes tears or cleans the stains. 

Is a Furniture Protection Plan Worth It? 5 Things to Consider 

Furniture protection plans aren’t free. Most companies will sell them to you for a small percentage of the furniture cost, such as 3 to 5%. 

So is spending the extra money really worth it?

It depends. 

Here are five things you should consider before you make a final decision about a furniture protection plan. 

1. Your Furniture Is Expensive 

The average person spends over $8,000 to fully furnish an apartment. If you’re furnishing an entire house, that number can get even higher. In other words, your furniture is an expensive investment, so it makes sense to protect it. 

If you buy bottom-of-the-line furniture that’s only supposed to last you a year or so, you might not need a furniture protection plan. But if you bought nice, high-quality furniture you want to last, a protection plan might be a good choice. 

Otherwise, you’ll have to spend more money to replace already expensive furniture. 

2. You Have Pets 

If you live with pets, your new furniture might become your dog’s favorite chew toy or your cat’s scratch post. Leaving your pets alone with your new furniture for even a few hours can cause you hundreds of dollars in damage. 

Without a furniture protection plan, you’ve lost your new furniture and all that money. 

Most furniture protection plans cover pet damage, but you should always ask about it to make sure. 

3. You Have Kids 

Even if your kids are well behaved, accidents happen. They might be more likely to spill food or drinks on the upholstery or scratch the wood. If they’re young enough, they might accidentally uncap that pen they’re holding and leave your new furniture covered in rainbow markings. 

Buying a furniture protection plan is a smart idea if you have young children in the house. 

4. You’re Accident Prone 

Children aren’t the only ones who spill their drinks or cause other damage. Even if you’re careful, you might accidentally cause some damage of your own at some point. 

It happens to everyone. 

But if you have a protection plan, you don’t have to worry about it as much. 

5. You Want to Play It Safe

You spent a lot of money on your furniture, and you never know what might happen to it in the future. A furniture protection plan covers stains, spills, and damages so you can relax and enjoy your new furniture.

Should You Get a Furniture Protection Plan?

Furniture protection plans aren’t always a good fit for every family. 

For example, if you’re buying low-end furniture that’s only meant to hold you over for a year or two before you move, you might want to hold off on the protection plan. 

But if you’ve invested in nice, expensive furniture, this type of plan can protect your furniture from any damage. It’s especially a good choice for people with pets or young children, and it can give you enough peace of mind to relax and enjoy the comfort of your furniture. 

So there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. But for most people, furniture protection plans are often worth the money. 

How to Get a Furniture Protection Plan 

Is a furniture protection plan worth it for your family? If you answered yes to that question, you should look into a protection plan right away. 

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