7 Tips To Follow In Finding The Best Cell Phone Insurance In Your Budget

Finding The Best Cell Phone Insurance In Your Budget

Individuals often wonder where they could find the best cell phone insurance. We share 7 tips to follow in finding the best one in your budget.

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Thanks to modern technology, the smartphone has taken over most aspects of our lives. We utilize numerous apps on our phones to communicate, stay in the know, keep track and organize our lives, etc.

Upon losing or damaging your smartphone life as you know it comes to an abrupt halt. What if you do not have sufficient funds to cover for the damage or the cost of a new one? You feel as if you are in limbo without a smartphone.

It is for this reason consumers need to find the best cell phone insurance cover they can find.

However, there are numerous institutions, manufacturers and third part cellphone cover providers. Hence, determining what is the best cell phone insurance for you can get tricky.

Hence, how do you go about finding the most suitable insurance cover for your phone?

Want to learn about the seven tips you can use to narrow down your options? Keep reading?

1. Determine Why You Need Phone Insurance

There are numerous reasons why an individual wants phone insurance cover. The reasons range from damage repairs to replacement of lost phones. With this in mind, you should review your previous cell phone experiences.

This involves determining how long your phone lasts without the need for repairs or how long it takes you to lose a phone. For people who have a tendency to lose or get their phones damaged, an all-inclusive phone cover plan is recommendable.

This way, irrespective of what happens you are covered for the long term.

Like medical insurance, you want a policy that covers the most common needs you face.

2. What Does the Phone Insurance Plan Cover

Remember, insurance plans come in packages and each package has a set of things it covers. In most cases, the insurance provider will offer an array of cover plans at different costs.

The cheapest plan will have the least cover while the most expensive plan will have more coverage options.

Based on the above assessment of your needs, it is essential to pick a plan that covers damage repairs. However, each plan comes with a set of rules that determine if you can claim the insurance.

For instance, you may have a phone plan that covers damages but repairs for water damage are not included in your plan. It hence if you are going to take up a phone cover, ensures you understand what the plan entails for every possible scenario.

A comprehensive plan covers against:

  • Accidental damage
  • Natural disasters
  • Theft
  • Mechanical failures
  • Water damage

3. Conduct Due Diligence on Phone Insurance Providers

A common mistake most consumers make is to pick the first insurance cover they come across. For instance, if you buy a phone from a brand store, the attendants will immediately inform you about the available insurance plans provided by the company.

In most cases, they do not take the time to compare and contrast the terms of the policy with other phone insurance cover providers.

As a result, they can not be sure if they are getting the best value for their money. Hence, if you are set on ensuring your phone make sure you have weighed the pros and cons of each insurance provider before you commit.

4. Consider the costs involved

Like all, other insurance policies, cell phone insurance has two types of costs:

  • Deductibles
  • Monthly premiums

As far as premiums are concerned, first calculate the total amount to get paid before your contract expires. Let’s say you have a $600 phone. The total amount of premiums you are expected to pay over the course of the contract should not exceed $600.

Remember, phone policies last for about 2-3 years. What are the chances of you utilizing the $600 in repairs over this period?

Additionally, you need to consider the deductible amount you are required to pay. A deductible is the amount of money you fork out towards repairing or replacing your phone before the policy becomes effective.

Premiums and deductibles go hand in hand. The more you pay in deductibles the less you pay in premiums and vice verse. Hence, if your phone tends to get damaged or lost often, you are better off paying higher premiums and lower deductibles.

5. Duration of the Phone Insurance Contract

The duration of the contract depends on who you choose to ensure your phone with. You have numerous options for cover providers which include:

  • Carriers
  • Credit cards
  • Phone manufactures
  • Retailers

Each of these options provides a varying time span for the cover. In most cases, phone manufacturers provide the least cover time because they operate on a warranty basis. After the waranty expires, you need to get an extended warranty protection plan.

Hence, when looking for the best cell phone insurance in 2019, you may want to consider how long you need the insurance. Most people prefer long term insurance because it comes with lower premiums. Hence you can enjoy the cover for a long period of time while paying the least amount in premiums.

6. Are You Covered Internationally

For people who travel a lot, international phone cover is a deal breaker. Imagine having your phone damaged abroad but you can not make a claim because your insurance only covers you while you are at home.

In such a case you have to either cover the costs of repairs or buying a new phone out of your own pocket. Unfortunately, there is no reimbursement from the insurer because you did not and could not make a claim while overseas.

Hence, part of getting the best cell phone insurance cover 2019 is making sure you have the ability to utilize it in a foreign country. Make sure you check this box before you sign the contract.

7. Reputation for Handling Claims

The main reason you take up cell phone insurance is to ensure that when the need arises, you can lay claim to the policy. Unfortunately, it is often not as easy as it sounds. 

Claiming a policy involves:

  1. a)Reporting the claim
  2. b)Evaluating the case to see if the claim is valid
  3. c)Approving/ denying the claim
  4. d)Honoring the claim

Remember a cell phone is a small object that is susceptible to damage or loss due to negligence on the owner’s part. For this reason, some claims can get ruled out.

Some policy providers have a poor reputation in honoring their clients’ claims. In most cases, they refuse to honor the claims by insisting on the invalidity of a claim. If you want the best cell phone cover, you need to identify and avoid such providers.

You can look up reviews for the phone insurance providers you are interested in, to gauge if they will be a good fit.

Conclusion on Finding the Best Cell Phone Insurance in Your Budget

Finding the best cell phone insurance 2019 is a matter of conducting adequate research and due diligence on all the available providers and cover plans. In most cases, you will not break your budget if you take the time to figure out what you need to be covered.

With the ideal cover in mind, all you need to do is figure out which plan provides the cover you want at an affordable premium.

Are you looking for a reliable phone insurance cover with low premiums? Get in touch with us for the best cellphone insurance 2019.