A Few Ways to Improve Your Mac OS X Lion Time

While mastering your Mac may have required a learning curve, the OS X Lion is definitely one of the easiest platforms to pick up. Likewise, Mac tips, tricks, and tweaks to create an enhanced and more seamless Apple experience. Here are a few ideas:

If your Mac starts up with some programs you’d rather not see every time you boot her up (or if there are others you do wish to see at start-up), you can make some changes. Just open System Preferences > Users & Groups. Then select your user account and clock the Login Items tab. Select items you want to get rid of, then click the “minus” button. To add programs, just click the “plus” button instead, then click the Application link under Favorites, and locate the program you want. After selecting it, click Add.

To quickly access folders most frequently used, open the Finder, choose the folder you want, and drag it to the sidebar’s Favorites (in Lion) or Places (in Snow Leopard). You have now created a link which you can click on for instant access to that folder’s contents.

If you’ve got too many items showing up on your Finder sidebar, you can remove them. Just open your Finder > Preferences > Sidebar and de-select the items you don’t use often enough to merit space on your sidebar.

If you connect to shared folders often, you’ll want to create shortcuts for doing so. To do so, go to Finder > Go > Connect to Server, and connect to the shared folder. When the folder’s icon appears on your desktop, right-click it, and choose Make Alias to create the shortcut.

One of the most convenient features that Mac users love is the Stickies application – on the other hand, if there are lots of sticky notes being used, they can muddle a desktop in no time. To some notes less visible, select the extraneous note, then go to Note > Translucent Window. To make all notes semi-transparent, just go to Note > Use as default.

This is but a handful of ways amidst hundreds of tips for customizing your Mac experience. As new models, apps, software and hardware comes to the forefront, an equal number to tips and tricks emerge, too.

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