Welcome to the World, Bluetooth 4.0

If you’re familiar with Bluetooth technology, you probably know that most devices that sport Bluetooth tend to drain of their power easily. Enter Bluetooth 4.0, however, and the story changes – the upgraded, more intelligent technology allows for a new breed of gadgets like medical devices and fitness trackers. The new Bluetooth Smart preserves energy by transmitting small portions of data at a time and resting at intervals in between, rather than maintaining a continual stream of data-flow.

There are two new types of Bluetooth: Bluetooth Smart Ready and Bluetooth Smart. Smart Ready gadgets include primary devices like smartphones and notebooks that utilize Bluetooth signals from speakers, headphones and similar accessories. Smart devices on the other hand, are primarily peripherals that connect to the Smart Ready gadgets. With new wake and rest modes of the upgraded technology, Smart peripherals that aren’t being used don’t run – therefore they preserve juice.

If you’re worried about having to toss those electronics you already purchased with the existing Bluetooth, don’t: you can still use your Bluetooth 3.0 gadgets with new laptops, phones and tablets that are Bluetooth Smart Ready-equipped. However, you can only use the new Bluetooth Smart peripherals with a Smart Ready device.

Popular products you will find now on the market with the 4.0 technology are Apple’s MacBook Air, Mac Mini desktop, and iPhone 4s, and the Motorola Droid RAZR. Other not-so-common items include the MotoACTV, a wearable GPS-enabled fitness-tracker-and-music-player-in-one which can be paired with Bluetooth Smart headphones, and Dayton Industrial’s Heart Strap – a single-strap bracelet that will monitor your heart rate. There’s also the Zomm Lifestyle Connect. A great way to keep track of your belongings, it features a circular gadget that fits in your pocket as well as tags for attaching to your keys, your wallet and even your car. So, when you find yourself roaming the parking lot, wondering, “Where in the world did I park?”, the tag will transmit data to the hub which then relays your car’s location to you iOS or Android app.

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