What to Expect with the New iTunes 11

Alongside a string of many announcements made by Apple last Tuesday was the broadcast of a revamped iTunes.The rejuvenated version of this much-loved music software has undergone some changes that many of those tuned-in to the program will find pretty fantastic.

Apple’s senior vice president of the Internet Software and Services said in a press release regarding the launch of the updated app:

“We created iTunes because we love music and we’re going back to our roots with an incredibly clean design that keeps your music at the forefront.”

But it goes deeper than that. Here’s a roundup of some of the new features you can expect with verision 11, the next generation of the iTunes software:

1. A Complete New Library: not only redesigned, but the library will allow for easier browsing and can be organized more accurately depending on what you are looking for in your compendium of tunes.
2. Expandable Viewing of Albums: Now, when you click on a particular album, not only will you see the cover art, but a new drop-down display will appear showing you details info regarding the collection including ratings, costs and the length of each track.
3. A Better MiniPlayer: iTunes 11 allows users to view what songs are coming up next in your playlist by simply tapping on an icon in a smaller window that appears. The new MiniPlayer also allows you to search your library for new tracks.
4. Improved Recommendations: Now, when you inquire into a particular album or artist (or even genre), Apple will answer your query with a more polished list of suggestions of music that may suit your fancy, depending on your listening patterns.
5. Preview History: You listened to an awesome song yesterday but for the life of you, can’t remember what it was. Now you can sift through your listening history to view songs you;ve checked out either on your computer or your mobile gadget. This new function is also synced with devices that are cloud-based, so you can listen to – and view history – across a spectrum of devices.
6. Social Integration: Yep, that means Facebook integration. Keep with the program by viewing what your friends are tuning into by peeking at what they like in the App Store.
7. iCloud: Make purchases, watch movies or listen to an album on one device – and continue where you left off on any other device later on.


Get ready for iTunes 11, because it’s set to launch in October!