What’s So Great About iOS 6? Everything.

The iOS 6 has arrived, and it’s time to make the decision on whether or not to upgrade.

The consensus amongst techies seems to be a great big YES, and here are five reasons why you will probably share this sentiment:


Wait for it…wait for it…and BAM! It’s here: Facebook’s been tossed into the pot of iOS soup, and boy, it’s been a long time comin’. Users can now link their Facebook accounts with their iOS device, making for the awesome capability to communicate with Zuckerberg’s massive posse right from your phone. Post photos to Facebook, update your status, sync your contact list with all of your friends’ accounts…just like you can do with Twitter, you can use your new Windows Phone to do the same.

Pretty Pictures – and they’re Panorama!

Yes, I know there are a hundred bazillion photo editing apps out for unleashing your inner Ansel Adams – but now you can ditch the apps, because the feature has been built into the new iPhone camera. With 240 degrees of wide-wide-wide picture-taking, you can capture every beautiful thing around you – and text the entire span to all of your best buds.

The New and Improved Siri

Your digital BFF just got a makeover – not only will she now provide you with sports scores, theater show times, eatery reviews and ratings (thanks to Yelp), but she’ll even book a reservation for you.


Lots of iPhone junkies are peeved at the device’s lack of NFC, however the new Passbook feature just may be enough to compensate. With it, users can scan gift cards, business cards, concert tickets, coupons, vouchers and more – leaving more room in your wallet for what you really want it to be stuffed with: money. It’s as easy as heading to the nearest Dunkin Donuts, handing the cashier your phone (since you’ve scanned a gift card onto to), listening for the gratifying beep, slurping your joe, and heading for the door.

Maps, Maps, More Maps

Lots of people were a bit disoriented when Apple booted Google out of its mapping affairs – and while many people are still a bit discombobulated, however there are a handful of some very fantastic amendments, including:

Vector-based vs bitmap graphics, meaning faster loading and crisper images; Turn-by-turn navigation, bringing Apple’s Maps up to speed with all of the other GPS apps that people on the go have come to love – and depend on; Business Information Card: choose a restaurant or store and Maps will provide you with a virtual business card showing all of the information you need to know (including photos) about it, so you’ll know whether to keep heading there or make a 180 and choose a new destination; Siri Integration, so you no longer have talk to yourself when you’re lost, Siri’s there to listen. For instance, to make sure you’re headed in the right direction, you can ask her “How much longer until we get there?”, and she’ll assuage you with an ETD.

This is just a pinch-full of the reasons why iPhoners are upgrading to the iOS 6 – stay tuned to CPS to learn about all of the other reasons why you should, too.