Which E-Reader is Right for You

E-book readers are stylish yet functional devices that simplify reading by eliminating the need for conventional library rentals and expensive book purchases. With a range of online sources offering access to a wide variety of books and magazine subscriptions, e-readers have transformed the way people catch up on their reading.

Ever since the Kindle was first released in late 2007, a range of e-readers have come out competing for a fair share of the market. From Barnes and Noble’s Nook to Kobo wireless readers and even the iPad and other Android-based tablets, a wide range of devices can combine as an e-reader giving consumers not only more choice but increased value for money as well. While multi-functional tablets can be much more pricey, several of the upcoming e-readers such as Nook Color and Kobo Touch are proving to be feature-rich, yet fairly inexpensive.

When it comes to choosing the right e-reader, it helps to weigh out your preferences as against the market offers. For instance, heavy e-readers can get pretty tiring after awhile, so you may want to opt for a light-weight model such as the Sony Reader pocket edition or choose the latest Kindle release which packs some powerful features within its sleek 8.7 ounce design. If you prefer a large, comfortable viewing screen, pick from the range of 7-inch models which is the typical size of most e-readers or opt for the prominent 9.7-inch display size offered by Kindle DX.

Color e-readers are fast becoming the most appealing releases out there and the Nook Color has been making waves particularly among magazine lovers who can subscribe to yearly e-pub formats from Barnes and Noble’s online subscription. A range of advanced e-readers also offer media playing and web browsing capabilities in addition to Wi-Fi and 3G support. While the Kindle 3G and Nook Color are likely to satisfy most buyers, those looking for more than basic reading may find that investing in a tablet makes better sense. From apps to browsing and downloads tablets are a worthy investment, and while the iPad is the perfect fit for iPhone or Mac users Android lovers will find the Galaxy tab to doubles as a great e-reader.

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