Apple Enters the Cloud World

Apple’s iCloud is a revolutionary cloud concept that has been released by Apple as part of its cloud service offering. While the actual iCloud business model has been shrouded in mystery ever since Steve Jobs announced its forthcoming release in the Worldwide Developers Conference, the final version has actually created a range of possibilities that the iCloud opens in terms of seamless service integration sustained by online cloud support.

With the iCloud, Apple is likely to establish its place in the online cloud arena, offering a range of sync and storage features that provides the platform for integration of the mobile Apple platform iOS along with its desktop offerings. iCloud offers ardent Apple fans a well-structured sync across all compatible devices thus providing a completely dependable connectivity within the entire Apple ecosystem. From documents to photos and even contacts iCloud now allows you to integrate your iPhone, iPad and Mac in ways iTunes could never offer.

In addition to the array of seamless integration options it offers to users, iTunes is now part of the cloud too, making conversion of all music files stored in the iTunes library easily accessible across devices. This means any DVD rips on Mac could easily be synchronized with iTunes making it a great conversion tool. Add to it the fact that iCloud is currently free, and you have an offering that is too appealing to refuse.

Yet, in many ways the iCloud is not an entirely unique concept. A number of its individual functionalities are already available as free web-based services including document and image management and sharing portals as well as cloud sync services such as DropBox that is currently the default integration platform for Apple devices. While the iCloud is quite possibly a release that fills the gaps in iTunes, with in-built streaming functionalities, it still does not cover new ground since streaming services too abound in the online space. Yet the iCloud does make comparable services including Google Music seem dated by comparison, so given time Apple could well implement its cloud service into a fully customizable platform for that complete Apple experience.

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