Facebook VS. Yahoo: Patent Battles Ensue

There seems to be something in the air these days, prompting big companies to sue each other. You’re probably aware of the ongoing legal battles between Samsung and Apple, as reported by CPS not long ago.

But apparently, Samsung and Apple aren’t the only two companies in cahoots with one another. Facebook and Yahoo have been at eachothers’ throats lately as well, in regards to a bunch of lawsuits regarding patent infringements. To be specific, Yahoo filed a lawsuit against Facebook claiming that about 10 of Yahoo’s patents have been infringed upon by Zuckerberg and his gang. Interestingly, the claims came as a shocker to Facebook since they learned about it through the media grapevine, as Yahoo made no efforts to inform them directly!

Learn more about the war between Yahoo and Facebook in this CNBC video:

A long-time collaborator with Facebook, Yahoo has chosen to file claims against its partner at a less-than-ideal time for Zuckerberg. Facebook, which is currently going through the IPO process, may be at its most vulnerable state right now, and the last thing they need is a legal battle. Yet, a battle it is, as Yahoo, recently assigned new chief, Scott Thompson, is going through a kind of overhaul itself, and could use any good clout it can get as it focuses on updating and reorganizing itself. A court win over Facebook may be just what Yahoo needs to perfect its reinvention – and by the way, this is not the first time that Yahoo has taken advantage over another company’s weakness.

The patents in question are resulting in Yahoo’s claim for several million dollars from the leading social network. The patents themselves are in regards to advertising, fraud techniques, messaging, news feeds and more. Specifically, Yahoo claims that they asked FB to adhere to the licensing of many patents regarding these elements, but Facebook never did. My guess is that Facebook was trying to avoid any type of legal activity right now, since any company in the midst of the IPO process is wise to steer clear of the court room. Facebook’s silence continues, as Zuckerberg has not yet announced his company’s strategy for dealing with Yahoo’s most recent attack.

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