Hip, Hip, Hooray for the New Kindle Touch 3G

Three cheers for the new Touch 3G – because Amazon has finally graced e-bookworms everywhere with a touch screen reader. This isn’t just any old touch reader, either: the 3G’s inner workings include infrared sensors for fostering carefree, easy finger-play on its crystal E-ink display – making for a most luxurious e-reading experience.
Amongst her highlights, the Touch is quite a modest work of art – she dons a minimalistic design featuring a grey face that is a few degrees lighter than the non-touch Kindle which not only adds to her classic beauty, but makes it easier on a reader’s eyes. But what sets the Touch apart from her Kindle siblings, staying true to her simplicity, is an absence of physical buttons besides the Home button. Everything else, like navigating, taking notes, and flipping pages is done via the IR-based interface.
Speaking of navigation, this Kindle’s special touch system is called EasyReach, and splits the display into three parts – users tap on top to launch toolbars, left to view a previous page, and anywhere else on the screen to move ahead.
Other great specs on the Kindle Touch 3G are its 6-inch E Ink Pearl display which has a 800 X 600-p resolution at 167ppi for pleasurable reading even in direct sunlight, enough storage space to hold up to 3,000 books (4GB to be exact), and anywhere connectivity. There’s also an innovative feature called X-Ray which allows users to dig deeper into a book – a single tap brings up all passages within a book that have to do with particular ideas, characters, places – or other topics that interest a reader.
The Kindle Touch 3G, like other models, also allows Amazon Prime members access to the Lending Library where users can borrow books for free, from a collection of more than 1 million titles.
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