The Samsung Series 7 Slate PC Hits a Sweet Spot

For a tablet, the Samsung Series 7 Slate PC is a bit hefty, but it still hits the spot for those who want a device that marries portability and power. It weighs a substantial 1.8 pounds and measures 11.6 X 7.2 X 0.5 inches, yet it is equipped with a Core i5 processor and a 128GB solid state drive. Fast Start Technology graces the Slate’s interface, making it extra touch-friendly and SuperBright Plus Technology brilliantly enhances its 11.6 1366 X 768 HD LED backlit display – in fact the screen has been reported by users as being extremely easy to navigate, even been fishing through tiny desktop icons.

The Series 7 comes with a Wacom stylus, too, which provides for highly accurate writing in both Windows Journal and Paint, and when not using the pen, the Bluetooth keyboard accomplishes the job quite well with large, smooth, matte keys that feel cozy-to-the-touch.

The spotlight feature of this tablet – and what distinguishes it from others – is the Samsung Touch Launcher, which can be launched via the Windows button on the tablet’s bezel. A chic, glossy interface is showcased with big enough touch-optimized icons on a 5 X 4 grid that the navigation experience is totally seamless and fluid.

Power specs on this tabby include a 1.6 GHz Intel Core i5 2467M CPU with 4GB of RAM, lending it a boot-up time of about 29 seconds for Windows 7 Home Premium and wake-from-sleep time as about 3 seconds flat.

The only quirk on the Slate is its fan, which becomes a bit too loud for liking at times, and can be distracting to some users. Other than that, this new tablet definitely proves that Windows is still in the slate competition, and maintaining a decent pace alongside Android and iOS tablets.

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