IE 11 Release Preview for Windows 7

Microsoft has released a preview of Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 users, a full version is scheduled to be released soon. Now is the the time to get your computers ready for the full experience of this upgrade of the Windows OS.

Preparing your Windows 7 for installation of IE11

Ensure your PC has Microsoft SP1, and all device drivers are current, and backed up, installing IE11 on your Windows 7 PC. You can do this manually or by using a software such as Driver Turbo. Microsoft SP1 can be downloaded from the Microsoft update site, get to this site through the control panel > system and security > windows update. The driver software mentioned above will scan and load the current drivers for your PC and has a backup feature to CD, DVD, or USB flash drive.

Benchmarking IE11 on your PC

Do you want to compare IE11 to your present browsers? Go to this URL in each of your browsers and it will run the Kraken benchmark.

Features of IE11

IE11 now supports WebGL enhancing your 2D and 3D experience. Development tools has been improved with a console enabled debugger for WebGL and DOM explorer. IE11 will also support the Microsoft Pointer Events for touch screens. In Windows 7, IE11 will not support Metro mode and Google SPDY protocol. Windows 8.1 will support both features.

Get previews now

Before installation BACK UP, BACK UP, BACK UP! Back up your data files and ensure you have all your software installation disks handy. Back up your device drivers now as each OS may required a different driver for each device. Remember Vista and it’s problem with drivers. If you must, below is where you can get the previews from Microsoft. Keep your Windows 7 OS disk handy if Windows 8.1 is not for you.

Where to download IE11 Preview for Windows 7

Download IE11 here follow the instructions and you will be on your way to deciding whether IE11 is the browser for you. IE11 is said to be faster than Chrome and has many of the features of Firefox. A successful installation gets you ready for the Windows 8.1, it is always good to know that all your drivers and OS is up to date and backed up.

Where to download Windows 8.1 preview

Download Windows 8.1 preview here follow the instructions to install the OS. Windows 8.1 preview may change many times before the full release, check to see that you are getting the most current version. ISO installation of the OS cannot not be uninstalled you must reload your old OS, if Windows 8.1 is not for you, have your old OS installation disk and codes handy. Windows 8.1 upgrade can be purchase from Microsoft or other sources for about $119.00.