Sony Playstation Vita TV Announced

The Sony Playstation Vita, which is a portable network driven gaming system, has a potential brother coming soon to key in on the home market. The Playstation Vita TV, which is expected to be released in November overseas with rumors of a later US date, will take the popular Vita platform and allow it to be displayed and enjoyed on any home television.

The system is expected to all for the use of all existing Vita games, as well as a few possible tricks up its sleeve. Also enabled with network capability, the Vita TV falls in line with the popular Google Chromecast, Apple TV, and Roku streaming devices.

What is Vita TV?

Vita TV comes with a slick interface.

The Playstation Vita TV is a small game console, called by Sony as a microconsole, measuring roughly 2.5” by 4” in size. Unlike its predecessor, it does not have an integrated screen, but rather allows via an HDMI output for connection to any home television or theater system.

The system, which also features connections such as a USB port for memory upgrades, an Ethernet port for network connection, and of course the necessary Vita gaming slot, will serve as an all in one video game/network streaming player. As of this time, it appears the system has a built in 1080i scaler, to allow for a high definition quality image.

What Does the Vita TV Do?

The system essentially allows the user to take any existing Vita games and carts and play them on their home television and theater system. But not only will the Vita TV continue to use Vita games, it looks to also continue to use the popular PSOne games as well. There are some rumors that even suggest that through a PS4 Link there may be an option to play the forthcoming PS4 games, which are due out in the next few months.

Sony has described this option as a PS4 extender, in such that should the main television that has the PS4 connected be in use, a gamer would be able to beam their game to another television. Initial reports of the product indicate that the system will work well with the Sony PS3’s DualShock 3 controller for game play, with a potential patch coming for PS4 controller compatibility as well.

As with the Vita, the Vita TV will continue to offer a variety of online streaming options, such as the ever popular Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Other online options include Sony’s Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited, as well as a host of various others downloadable apps.

How Much Will It Cost?

The initial reports suggest that the Playstation Vita TV will retail for somewhere around $100. Another package offering that includes a controller and an 8GB storage card looks to be available in Japan for somewhere around the $150 mark.

When Will It Be Available?

As of now, the release date in Japan is scheduled for the 14th of November. Although no release date in the US has been planned, word from Sony suggests that they are indeed looking into a US and European release in the future. sells remote controls for many TVs and other electronics.