Meet the Epic Browser

A startup security firm known as Hidden Reflex has now made a promise that more security will be available. What this new custom Google Chrome browser is supposed to do is block all the tracking scripts that would be sent out from advertising networks and their affiliates. One of the huge advantages that Hidden Reflex is claiming is that it will speed up your page-loading times by up to 25 percent.

The CEO of Hidden Reflex

Alok Bhardwaj has stated that the average amount of times that these trackers will be blocked in an hour is around 1,000 different times by around 40 or more individual firms. This means that there is a great deal of tracking going on. That many things affecting your computer is bound to slow it down if you do not take the necessary precautions to block out these trackers.

This browser is not connected to the Electronic Privacy Information Center, which is also known as EPIC for short. They are a civil liberties groups.

What would be lost by this jump to the Epic Browser?

epic browser vs chrome
Epic makes a bold comparison against Google’s Incognito mode.

The one thing that users might expect is less updates than what Google Chrome puts out. They are well known for giving out a great deal of updates. Epic browser is not going to install these updates automatically; however, that is due to the design. Google changes a great deal of things, and they are not always privacy protecting changes.

That is what the Epic browser is going to help change. Updates will still occur with the Epic browser nearly as frequently, but it will usually take about a week to two weeks after Google Chrome has sent out their latest updates.

Google Chrome Security

Alok Bhardwaj has stated that Google Chrome has done excellent with their security settings. For example, on their Tabs as process model they have never been hacked directly. The only way that they have ever been hacked is by malicious extensions.

The Search Engine For Epic

The one issue with this search engine is that they will have a difficult time sending sponsored search results. However, the CEO stated that they would be walking a fine line because they will be offering sponsored search results to make money, but they will not be giving back results that were based on trackers.

Another thing about the search engine for Epic is that the searches will be going through a USA proxy. This means that they can search using another IP address which will help users to stay anonymous.

Why Choose The Epic Browser

The great thing about this browser is that it could speed up your Internet connection. Another one of the advantages of the Epic Browser is that it offers outside-of-the-box privacy.

This goal of this browser is to help Internet users to get more security. People who would like to live more private lives will have more privacy by using a browser like this. It appeals to those people who are looking for more privacy while they browse the Internet.