Keeping Your Personal Data Safe From Snoops

Believe it or not, the Internet has a dark side. As useful and entertaining as it can sometimes be, it has not come without a few sacrifices. One of those sacrifices would be the loss of personal privacy. There is no longer any privacy with the invention of the Internet. Anything that you do is logged and kept track of by companies, security agencies and sometimes criminals. However, do not despair because there are ways that you can reduce the amount of snooping that goes on.

Digital Trail Is Left

The thing that has to be accepted is that anything you do online will leave a personal trail. You will be followed by corporations and sometimes even big brother. Most people are unaware of the extent that this surveillance goes to. When it comes to electronic communication, it is always best to assume that there is no security on it.

About Tim Berner

Tim Berner was the creator of the world wide Web, and when he was thinking of names for his creation, he thought of many names. However, he wanted something that would describe the Internet accurately, and he came up with the Web. In one way, it sounds like it describes the interconnection of everyone on the Web. However, some people have gone on to say that it is called that because we are the supposed insects that are caught in the Web that is the Internet.

Email Security

When it comes to email security, one of the things that has to be understood is that any more emailing system is not going to be secure. Certain agencies like the NSA are likely to snoop through your emails if you are using big names like Yahoo or Gmail. This is why it is best to go with a paid email that is not based in the US if you want true security. Also, understand that the emails you send using the workplace or university email system is likely being monitored. These places will oftentimes outsource their email to Yahoo or Gmail.

Understand This About Web Browsing

web proxies
Web proxies can help keep you anonymous when browsing.

Everything that you do online is considered public property for the sake of security. If you want true security, then you should consider using a German proxy, which will help you to remain anonymous, or you should consider using a Web browser like Tor browser in order to obscure your clickstream.

Social Networks and Their Real Purpose

Social networks in particular are extremely insecure. This has been proven time and time again as employers and law enforcement have used it to track people. Remember, you might be able to control the privacy settings on your Facebook, but you have little control over what your friends will post about you.

These are all things to keep in mind when it comes to staying safe from personal data snoops. Giving this up freely to people is one of the biggest mistakes that an individual can make. Always keep in mind that you never know who is watching you when you use the Internet.