Can I continue coverage if you replace my drone?

If your drone is replaced, your coverage will continue. You will need to register the new serial number on your plan.

Can I transfer my warranty to another person?

Yes. If you sell your device, you may request to transfer your warranty to another person using the portal.

Do I need to provide proof of purchase?

In some cases your dealer may submit invoices on your behalf to save you time in registration. If your warranty requires an invoice you will be notified via the portal as well as email.

Do I need to register my warranty?

In order to qualify for service you must register your device under the warranty.

What happens if my drone crashes but I am not current with my premium payments?

If you have not paid or are not current on your premium payments your warranty is not active. We can offer you the same great repair services as members receive in warranty, however, you will be responsible to pay for the repairs if you so choose.

Can I get warranty coverage for a used device or for a device whose warranty had been previously cancelled?

CPS offers coverage for used devices or devices which may have had coverage at one time. You may be required to provide a proof of functionality video for your drone and remote in these cases.

Can I cancel my coverage?

You may cancel your coverage at any time for a pro rata refund of the unused portion of your plans premium.

Am I covered if my drone was lost or stolen?

Unfortunately, this program does not cover products that are lost or stolen.

Am I covered for liquid damage?

Yes. Your coverage provides your device protection from damages as a result of liquid spills or rain, however, damage from corrosive liquids (sea water, carbonated drinks, etc.) or damage resulting from full submersion are excluded from coverage.

Am I covered if my drone flies away?

Yes. Your coverage includes fly away coverage. An additional $80.00 is added to your deductible in the event of a fly away claim.