I'm having trouble and I need help

If for any reason you need help with our service or our warranties, contact us and we will be more than happy to help you resolve your issue.

Do you cover the cost of shipping?

You are responsible for the cost of shipping in the event that your item needs to be shipped.

Do I get a loaner unit when my product is being serviced?

We're sorry, but we do not offer loaner units while your unit is being serviced.

Is my coverage international?

All Consumer Priority Service warranties carry a worldwide option at no additional charge. Learn More

How do I arrange for service?

Approval from Consumer Priority Service is required prior to the start of service. To initiate a claim please click here. Alternatively, you may call customer service at (800) 905-0443. Please have your original bill of sale and the plan available so our Customer Service representatives are able to quickly assist you.

Can I hire a company near me to perform repairs and send you the bill?

We're sorry, but any repairs to your unit must be pre-approved by CPS prior to work being performed. We do not accept invoices for work performed without our pre-authorization.

How is this different than the manufacturer’s warranty?

A manufacturer’s warranty usually offers limited coverage for a limited time, with parts and labor carrying separate lengths of coverage. For example, a common manufacturer warranty of a television might cover a consumer for one full year on parts defects but only 90 days on the high cost of labor involved to change those parts.

Consumer Priority Service warranties provide comprehensive, long term, even length coverage. This means that should your product fail within your warranty coverage time frame, both parts and labor costs are covered.

Where do I buy a Consumer Priority Service warranty?

Consumer Priority Service warranties can be purchased along with your product at participating retail and internet affiliates. If you purchased a product from a retail store that does not carry Consumer Priority Service warranties, you may call (800) 905- 0443 for an authorized reseller near you.

Can I renew my Consumer Priority Service warranty?

Yes, you can extend certain warranties. If your warranty is eligible for renewal you will receive a notice from CPS with your options 30 days prior to its expiration date.

Who will perform the service on my product?

Our company works with tens of thousands of authorized service professionals. Each technician is extensively trained by the respective manufacturers to provide service on your products. Authorized technicians must complete annual and bi-annual continued education exams in addition to being well versed in manufacturer supplied update bulletins to ensure their level of expertise is as current as the new products which come to market.

We urge our customers to provide feedback regarding their experiences which we later use to insure that the level of service we are expected to provide is exactly the level of service you receive.